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Parvati Valley Trek

The most excellent way to explore a region is, of course, getting deep into the bottoms. Before you walk into the air of the Parvati Valley, it is tough to assume that tranquility and love can float through the air. Well, the Parvati Valley path is the perfect brew to calm an excited soul. The fresh mountain air, including the delightful Israeli food, with the aroma of roasting herbs coursing through the otherwise unpolluted sky, structure the so-called the Amsterdam of India. Appreciate the hippie paradise after you hamper and thrive in the prettiest Himalayan Valley in India.

The Place:

Parvati Valley got positioned toward the edges of the Parvati River within the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Parvati Valley Trek got taken into account. It is the first popular treks in Himachal Pradesh, India. 

The trek offers beautiful rich grassy valleys, pouring cascades, fast-flowing rivers, scenic views of the mighty Himalayas. This trek is suitable for both beginners and seasoned trekkers. Of the confluence of the Parvati River and thus the Beas River, the Parvati Valley Trek continues eastwards through a steep-sided canyon from the town of Bhuntar, within the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh.

Feel of the tour: 

The unusual four-day adventure trek begins with Kasol- a beautiful and hippie village of Himachal Pradesh that draws several hippies. The total length you will satisfy during the Parvati Valley trek and may be covered in 4 days. Further, this Winter trek will take you to Grahan Village, a charming and beautiful village with dense pine forests, rhododendron trees, and Grahan Nahal. These tiny villages will offer you an opportunity to explore the culture and existence of the village people. The Parvati trek will take you to the beautiful terrain of Sheela village, which is that the core of Parvati valley offers scenic views of color-changing ranges.

When to visit?: The trek to the beautiful valley is a simple one. The best time to undertake this event is from September to December. Winters and summers are both stimulating for a trek. In summers, the climate remains soft and calm. During December and February, you will observe snowfall within the valley. It is prudent not to do that trek in monsoon because a trail gets muddy and silky thanks to heavy rains.

Suitable for: 

Trekking with Camping is just like a cherry on the cake. This Parvati Valley trek may be an excellent pick for journey seekers, nature lovers, and backpackers. Encounter the simplest of nature in Parvati Valley with the astounding views of snow-capped peaks, waterfalls, gushing brooks, and traversing the life of locals!!

Simple Treks in Parvati Valley

1. Chalal Village

Chalal should not still qualify as a trek but a short hike. The 30-minute delightful trip to the Chalal village from Kasol runs you thru old-world charm and stunning picturesque views. The most suitable time to go to this tiny hamlet of Chalal village is April-June. The quiet, seclusion, and tranquility of Chalal will leave you spell-bound for a long while to return.

2. Tosh Village

Tosh gives a mere trek. It requires only 3-4km from the village Barshaini. You will be a bit of a cheerful tribe throughout your travel as Tosh is increasing in popularity, and travelers are gathering to the present colonial community. Flowers and flora overflow. One is engulfed with blue poppies, while winter months will cause sheets of snow and splendor. Though not as populated because of the Mini Israel of Kasol, Tosh continues its place when it involves trance.

3. Rasol Village

A  trek that takes two hours from the magical wonderland of Kasol, Rasol (aka Rashol) renders crazy views of mountains wrapped in thick pine forests and clouds up above overwhelming the blue skies. Rasol is bliss for the backpacker.

Moderate Treks in Parvati Valley

1. Kuala Glacier & Buddhaban

Kuala glacier is a relatively modest trek that will take you around 2 hours to complete in its totality. Past the Rishi Jamdagni temple, the trail leads you up to a little waterfall. One should aim to spend a while, even an evening, at Kutla and increase in the region.

The next day, you ought to proceed to Buddhaband. Buddhaban in one such spot located farther to the north of the Tosh Village. Apple farm, the magnificent village of Kuala, Tosh River, and an artistic looking Buddhaban campsite catch the highlights of this swift trek from Tosh Village.

2. Grahan Village

10 KM hike from Kasol, Grahan is the ideal trek that not so hard with patches that push you to your highest capabilities. Grahan is a tiny settlement along the Parvati Valley, with exceptional solitude and lots of many bridges.

The deeper you directly into the woods, the higher the views get. Every turn will allow you a Holy Cow, what beauty type feeling. The terrain is rocky, so it’s essential to complete your trek during the day – leave early within the day for an equivalent. Do visit the Grahan temple once you finally enter the village.

Tricky Treks in Parvati Valley

1. Sar Pass Trek

Ah, the excitement of thrills! Sar Pass is the interpretation of stunning views on a trek. Embracing overall 4-5 days from Kasol will retain you because of the crazy pastures. Therefore the beautiful night skies. The walk k starts from Kasol and traverses Grahan Village. Post Grahan, you will spend your opening night in Nagaru, which is reached through a journey of six to eight hours, asking you to climb the brilliant steep mountains of Parvati Valley. You got the endurance to reach the top.

2. Mantalai Lake Trek

Mantalai lake is where any fantasy within the Parvati Valley begins. It is often the lake where the Parvati River begins. The sheer reverence this place holds is not something tons of scenes within the Himalayas enjoys. The picture-perfect views of the river taking appearance amidst the deodar and pine trees, in conjunction with the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, are getting to be a source of great joy for people who take upon the arduous task of striking the Mantalai Lake.

3. Pin Parvati Valley Trek

Moving on further advancing from Mantalai Lake, one moves into the Pin Parvati park, you will be in shock to determine what lies ahead. The trek in itself is daring and will not be experimented with anything. It features impressive animals like snow leopards to be spotted. You will be crossing water currents and ascending very steep mountains, and you will be camping on hard rocks – not the foremost comfortable.

Dangers of Trekking in Parvati Valley:

The list of expired or missing trekkers in Himachal Pradesh are many, and that is the worst thing that has eclipsed the joys of traveling to the hills of Himachal. The possible reasons could be—–

1. Weather and rough terrain wreaked havoc for a few hikers: Most of the tourists who have ventured to venture into the valley have lost their track and landed up in deep canyons.

2. Some fell for the beautiful valley: some tourists visited the area, loved it, and decided to quiet down there.

3. Some could become prey to criminals and murderers: it got reported that two trekkers of Austria lodging near Manikaran in the year,2001, were attacked by unknown people.

4. Some could have been dosed and drugged: Besides Manali and Goa, Kasol has become a preferred haunt of narcotic dealers from Nigeria, Israel, and other nations.

Apart from the disadvantages, it is no secret that Parvati Valley holds a special place in our hearts.

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